Restoration & Cosmetic


It is a custom-made shell, of tooth colored material fabricated to cover the front surface of the tooth. Made of porcelain or composite material, the shell is cemented to the natural tooth with a strong cement.


- Teeth that are broken
- Discolored teeth (like intrinsic staining)
- Irregular or uneven teeth
- Diastema closure (teeth with gaps)
- Teeth with enamel defect like hypoplasia
- Worn down teeth

Tooth colored restorations (White fillings)

When a tooth has a cavity, a treatment known as restoration will be required. It is a treatment to restore shape and function of the natural tooth. Dr. Rashid and Dr. Al-Attar uses best quality dental material, that have gone through extensive dental research.


- A cap that covers a tooth
- Protect the tooth from further breakage and damage
- Can be made of different materials like porcelain, zirconia and ceramic
- Mimic a natural tooth in shape, color and function


Every day food and drinks like coffee, tea and red wine can make teeth yellowish in color. There are numerous whitening systems to whiten the teeth, you may get your teeth whiten into multiple shades lighter. Different methods are present in the market, in office whitening, at home system or a combination of both. Contact our office for further details, MorningStar Dental Team are happy to assist you in the process.