Dental Implants

What is the process of placing an Implant?

Orleans Dental Implants - Planning stage: Dentist will review your medical history and the medication you are taking. A comprehensive examination of the health of your teeth and gum will be performed. A specific evaluation of the area of a missing tooth (teeth) that are supported by models and radiographs are required. Dentists will discuss different treatment options and check if you are the right candidate for a dental implant.

- Placing the implant. On your appointment, the dentist will prepare the gum and the bone to place the implant surgically. It is a minor dental surgery. The dentist will go over preoperative and postoperative instructions. Sometimes, a separate minor surgery is necessary before placing the implant like bone graft and sinus lifting.

- After the implant placement, the dentist will recommend a certain amount of time to allow sufficient healing and Osseo-integration (a biological process in which an implant attaches firmly to the surrounding bone). Occasionally implant placement surgery and dental prosthesis procedure can be performed at the same time. This refers to an immediate implant.

- Placing the restorative prosthesis such as a crown. Digital or traditional prints (model) will be fabricated, and a crown will be made to mimic a natural tooth in shape, color and function.

What is a dental Implant?

- It is a screw like a fixture
- Usually made of a titanium metal
- Act as an artificial replacement for the root of a missing tooth (teeth)
- Placed surgically inside the jaw bone
- It is used to support a dental prosthesis like a crown, a bridge or a denture (overdenture)

Advantages of dental implants

- Improve chewing and quality of life
- Improve esthetic, appearance and self – esteem
- Durable, made of a strong quality material
- Convenience as it is a permanent fixed replacement of a missing tooth
- High success rate
- Comfortable as it feels like a natural tooth

How much does an Implant cost?

· There is no fixed price for dental implants.
· Fees can vary according to the type of the implant needed, the location of the missing tooth, the need for additional surgeries like bone grafting or sinus lifting, the health and the condition of the gum, the adjacent teeth and many other factors.
· Dental team can set up a treatment plan and a customized financial payment plan according to each patient's need.
-Many dental insurance plans cover a portion of dental implant cost.

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