Wisdom & Extraction

tooth extraction at Morningstar dental in Orleans

When does a tooth need to be pulled out?

- When impacted wisdom tooth is creating dental problems
- A severely decayed tooth that cannot be restored and fixed
- Orthodontic reasons. For example, when crowding is present, and the removal of a tooth is required to create sufficient space.
- The extra tooth like mesiodens is present.
- A tooth that is infected and cannot successfully be saved by a root canal treatment.
- Periodontically hopeless tooth that has deep pockets and cannot be treated.

Wisdom teeth

The third set of molars and the last to erupt usually comes out in late teens. Sometimes, if there is no sufficient space for them to erupt, they will be impacted. They may give pain and dental problems like tooth decay on adjacent teeth.

At Morningstar Dental, dentists evaluate and monitor the development of the wisdom teeth from an early age. They check their angulation, path of an eruption and any chance for future dental problems.

If a tooth needs to be removed, the dentist will explain to you the different treatment options. Describe benefits, risks and what to anticipate during the procedure.

MorningStar Dental team will provide you with meticulous post-operative instructions and a follow-up appointment.