After A Restorative Treament

Instructions after a restorative treatment (fillings), crowns or Root canal treatment

Numbness: Freezing should wear off in 1-3 hours. Eating: Avoid eating in the first hour as freezing is still strong, and there is a risk of accidentally biting your soft tissue, cheeks, lips, and tongue. Biting can result in a traumatic ulcer. In case you have an amalgam restoration, then it is advised not to eat on the tooth for 24 hours, to prevent breakage of the new restoration (filling).

Drinking: Avoid drinking hot beverage until the sensation is back to normal (when you can feel the temperature of the drink easily.)

Cleaning: You can brush and floss as usual. In case you have an amalgam silver restoration, do not floss the tooth for the first 24 hours to prevent breakage of the new filling.

Discomfort: Some discomfort is expected. The site of anesthetic injection might feel sore, gum and soft tissue may get irritated from working on the tooth in the same area. Using a gentle mouth wash or water and salt (1/4 tsp salt to 8 oz of water) can help.

Bleeding: If you notice after the procedure that there is some blood in your saliva, that is normal. It happens while working close to your gum line. It should not last for more than an hour. If you experience excessive bleeding after the procedure, then call our office.

Children: Should be observed until the anesthesia has worn off. Due to the strange feeling of the anesthesia, children tend to chew on their cheeks, lips and tongue and consequently may hurt themselves.

Tooth Sensitivity: It is normal that your tooth (or teeth) may feel sensitive to hot or cold. It may last a few days to a couple of weeks after the procedure. The dentist will inform you ahead of time if tooth problem was close to the pulp (nerve) and will explain to you the nature of the pain and sign and symptoms that might be associated with pulpits (need for root canal therapy). It is highly recommended to contact us immediately should pulpits sign and symptoms arise.

Bite: After the anesthesia has worn off if you feel after eating that the bite is not balanced and it feels high on the tooth that has the new restorative work, then please call our office to arrange a time to adjust the bite.