Root Canal Treatment

Why do I need a root canal therapy?

Root Canal Therapy is needed when the nerve gets infected or inflamed, and this happens for different reasons like:
- Tooth decay
- Deep restoration close to the pulp
- Trauma and breakage of the tooth
- Cracked tooth
- Trauma and injury like tooth avulsion or dislocation
Orleans Root Canal Treatment at Morningstar Dental

Step by Step

First step is to prepare the tooth and make access to the canal.
- Next is the cleaning and shaping of the canal with advanced precise small instruments.
- Then the canal will be fill with biocompatible rubber like material called Gutta Percha.
- The last step is restoring the tooth with a final restoration and a crown (if needed) to protect remaining tooth structure from breakage.

Sign and symptoms of inflamed/infected pulp

- Pain and prolong sensitivity when eating or drinking hot and cold food.
- Tenderness to touch during chewing, eating and biting.
- Soreness in the surrounding soft tissue, may extend to the adjacent lymph nodes.
- Swelling and fever.
- Sometimes it is asymptomatic, no pain or issues but radiograph shows sign of infection.

Will I feel pain during or after procedure?

With advanced and modern technologies, no patient has reported significant pain or discomfort. If you feel an occasional pain before procedure starts, then you may still feel some discomfort upon chewing until soft tissue heals.